A Procrastinator? Who, Me? No More!

Three frogsOk … so for a self-professed procrastinator, that title is a very bold statement! :)

But as a follow up to my previous post, I thought I’d add a brief bragging entry to my blog ‘cos I’m feeling good!

So far, so good, anyway!

Four days since my last post and I’ve been kissing frogs galore. :)

  • I’ve mowed my lawn.
  • My laundry is done … well, almost! Prevented from completing the job only because there was no room left on my washing line.
  • All dishes washed every day before going to bed.
  • I’ve been to the dentist. Now THAT was a big, scary, ugly frog! Oh … not the dentist! Just the challenge of making myself go. :)
  • All floors vacuumed. Although some dust bunnies remain, they are cowering in the hardest to reach corners and know their days are numbered!
  • Kitchen floor thoroughly washed and steam-cleaned.

That’s more than one frog kissed per day. Like I said, I’m feeling good. :)

Long may this burst of goodness last.

But … hmmm … don’t hold your breath! When the working/business year kicks in, it’s usually much harder to keep up with domestic chores. And my family of frogs increases in size when I add business-related frogs as well.

As long as I can keep up the habit of kissing one frog per day, that’ll be enough for me.

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