Dreaming of World Peace

worldpeaceWorld peace .. does that sometimes seem an impossible dream?


We’re all human. We get cranky and annoyed. People irritate us – their actions hurt or anger us. And certain events in our lives lead to feelings of devasting pain, grief or anger.

We’ve all seen the effects of these things, either in our own lives or those of others around us. Depression, illness, substance abuse, violence – the list goes on.

And on a larger scale, deep hurt and anger can infect a household, a community or a nation. The cost of this is immeasurable in terms of human suffering.

But imagine what it might be like if, individually, we could transcend those feelings? What if, one by one, we could somehow find our own peace? And follow that up by reaching out a helping hand to heal the hurt and anger of those around us?

What if this could spread, like ripples in a pond, from individual … to family … to neighbourhoods … to nations … to the world?

Another impossible dream?


But I remain optimistic. Though sometimes the global issues we face seem insurmountable, I believe that yes, we can change the world – one conversation at a time.

We change the culture by changing the nature of conversation.  It’s about choosing conversations that have the power to create the future. (Peter Block)

And thanks to Jim Evers, who posted the link, here’s a wonderful video from Heartmath that encourages us to hope:

September 21st is the International Day of Peace.

What will you do?

And what conversations will you have?

World Peace?

Perhaps not so impossible if we start by saying “Let it begin with me”.

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