Shocking Signage

Pet Shop SignThis sign was spotted in a local pet shop window.

Surely I’m not the only person horrified by it?

And no, on this occasion it wasn’t about mourning for lost trees – even if they are being recycled.

Nor was it wondering whether the cute wee puppies in the window came from a caring breeder or possibly one of those horrific ‘puppy farms’.

It could have been either of these things … but it wasn’t.

So what was it that made me groan so loudly I startled three other people who were cooing over the puppies?

You guessed it …

Five spelling errors, two missing apostrophes and a comma where there should be a full stop.

Hmm  … try singing that to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas … ;)

But really, I ask you, did nobody who worked in that shop have even an inkling that something was wrong with the sign?

Sometimes I despair!

And sometimes I even scare myself with how pedantic I can be. :)

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