gemsI was going through some old files and came across a poem I wrote a number of years ago about the joy of chance encounters.

It was written after a touring holiday, during which we stopped in a small country town called Carcoar in New South Wales.

Intending to stop for just a short break – to stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery – we came across a wee art gallery. A ‘brief chat’ with the artist became a fascinating four hour conversation with him and a friend of his!

A place called Carcoar.
A meeting of strangers
yet a meeting of minds.
We talked,
the four of us,
and the air vibrated
with ideas.
Travelling, teaching,
theology, philosophy –
much more was discussed,
much given and gained.
My head was buzzing
from excitement and learning,
and I felt within me
a deep satisfaction.
To experience such growth
is one of life’s greatest

A chance encounter indeed – we never met again, and I no longer remember their names.

But the experience remains as a  bright memory, filled with warmth, colour and the serendipity of discovery.

Such unexpected encounters are indeed jewels woven into the fabric of our lives.


  1. Ann Busby says:

    Beautiful, Sue. Hopefully they’ll run across the poem and write to you-wouldn’t that indeed be serendipitous! Ann

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