All Fools’ Day

Today, on All Fools’ Day, I’m launching into the blogosphere. A very appropriate day to begin! :)

It’s a day to remember the archetypal Fool – the innocent who represents beginnings and the realm of unknowing.

I don’t know where my wanderings will take me here, but I plan to celebrate stories and share reflections on various things that bubble up for me – while both enjoying and learning from the journey.  If others – you who are reading this – should also like to walk a part of the way with me, I’ll welcome your company.

There’s a great Wiki page on  All Fools’ Day – probably more than you’ve ever wanted to know. :)  I was fascinated to learn that the spirit of April Fools’ Day is alive and well in many other cultures around the world. And that one of the oldest prank days in the world is from Iran. There people play jokes on each other on the 13th day of the Persian New Year, which falls April 1 or April 2 and is called Sizdah Bedar.

However I admit I’m far more comfortable with the idea of an April Fool being someone who is starting on a quest for understanding,  rather than someone who is simply the victim of a prank. Practical jokes may be fun for the jokers,  but I believe a good rule of thumb is ‘it’s not a joke unless both people are laughing‘. And by that, I mean the kind of shared laughter that warms the spirit, not the kind that is gained at the expense of someone else’s wellbeing.

I know humour is a very subjective thing, and that people can laugh when uncomfortable or embarrassed – or even when frightened. Like a cat’s frightened purr perhaps. But from my point of view, the best kind of humour is that which is founded on warmth and a generous spirit. It’s an open invitation to be amused by the follies and foibles of human nature, including our own!

So as I start on my own Fool’s journey on this auspicious day, I’m looking forward to exploring the unknown and to sharing some laughter along the way.


  1. Sue:

    Congrats on your new blog, and it’s somewhat daring launch date, looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks Juergen! Not sure if April 1st is ‘daring’ exactly. But I guess it does echo the spirit of fun I’d like to bring to my blog, along with more serious reflections or topics. :-)

  2. Laughter – innocent, spontaneous, authentic and genuine laughter fires up our positive emotions and pronto, before we know it we feel good about ourselves, each other and we’ve no idea how long they’ll last. While they do, that’s what counts.

    I look forward to following your musings – dear Sue.

    Congratulations on your latest venture – blogging.

    • A great way to describe laughter and the way it lifts our spirits, Robyn! I also like the idea of not holding on to any expectations, but simply appreciating the moment.

  3. Here’s a timely quote to compliment and complement your 1st blog:

    Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly at the right moment.”
    –Horace (Roman poet)

    • What a great quote – thanks Jim! A little silliness judiciously sprinkled certainly can bring not only a sparkle, but a renewed energy to any venture.

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