Breathtaking Beauty: Friesian Horses

Girl riding Friesian horseI admit horses are not a big part of my life.


I did read Black Beauty and National Velvet as a child and loved both. And I’ve enjoyed movies over the years that featured horses, such as National Velvet, Seabiscuit, Phar Lap and The Man from Snowy River… :)

But none of that resulted in my becoming a ‘horse person’. I’ve never owned a horse, and although I’ve ridden once or twice in my life, that was a long time ago. I don’t go to or watch ‘the races’, and only once attended a rodeo – which for some reason made me rather uncomfortable. As I wrote at the time: [Read more…]


The Writing Spirit

Feather Pen with WordsThis is a wondefully inspirational video about the spirit of writing, with tips and commentary from some of the world’s well known writers and best known philosophers. They share with us not only advice about writing – but sound advice about life itself!

For example, Sir Ken Robinson tells us “your best insurance for the future is to really think hard about the things you’d like to do and the life you would like to lead now.” Or, as Gary Zukav says “your life is a co-creative endeavour, but you make the choices.”